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Dominion Community Guest Home is a Residential Care Facility (RCF) licensed under the Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness providing those who need housing and continuing care. When home care is not appropriate and nursing care is not required, we can provide people with personal care, supervision and accommodation.

Dominion Community Guest Home and its staff are committed to excellence in healthcare, comfort, caring, supervision and service.

The values of Dominion Community Guest Home are marked by a hospitality that creates a home away from home, professional integrity, service beyond the call of duty, and devotion to duty.

The distinguishing demarcation of Dominion Community Guest Home is:

  • the belief that each resident is a unique person in his/her own right,
  • worthy of respect and courtesy, and
  • is the primary purpose for the existence of the Home.

Program Development

Because of its strong belief that a RCF setting must promote, encourage and facilitate the continued personal growth and development of each resident, Dominion Community Guest Home has developed and/or participated in the following programs:

  • Under the Director of Human Services, Dominion Community Guest Home provides work placements and supervision for students who are currently enrolled in this program at the NSCC Sydney Campus.
  • Dominion Community Guest Home participates in a Student Summer Placement program, which it monitors and reports on summer students with disabilities who work with the Continued Care Assistants.
  • Dominion Community Guest Home also participates in the VON Adult Recreation Program. This level of recreation would provide the clients with another form of stimulation at a social level. He/She could help each resident recognize the contributions that they had made throughout a lifetime and help one another to participate in meaningful activities in the community.


We often hear about the physical needs of seniors, but social well-being is just as, if not more, important. Conversing with men and women who share common life experiences enhances both mental and physical health.

Dominion Community Guest Home’s location offers the best of both worlds. We enjoy the convenience of living within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Dominion Beach, as well as the amenities of urban life. The opportunities in Dominion to participate and meet with friends are endless.

Just a short walk away is the Dominion Credit Union for your banking needs, a pharmacy, a hairstylist, a popular coffee shop to meet up with friends and family. Dominion also offers the Dominion Post Office, and for those who like to read will enjoy a visit to the local library. Sports enthusiast can venture out to catch a local hockey game at the Dominion Arena or take in a baseball game at the Hawkes Field or take a stroll along the Dominion Boardwalk and appreciate the beautiful sunset over the ocean.

Dominion Community Guest Home is built on a commitment to our residents and families. We believe no two people are alike, so the services and attention we provide should never be exactly the same. That’s also why we offer a variety of lifestyle, service and care options. By providing these choices, we not only offer solutions for today, but we provide the security of knowing that there are options for tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Every person whose personal circumstances have left him or her dependent on others for survival and well-being deserves to be cared for physically, medically, emotionally, and psychologically, especially those who are in the most need.

Our Location


79 Commercial Street, 
Dominion, Nova Scotia 
B1G 1B3 Canada


Tel: 902-842-9084 
Fax: 902-842-1310